We are witnessing an unprecedented growth in the field of critical systems power engineering where the demand for reliable and safe power supply has reached an all time high.

  • Increasing disturbances generated by modern loads : harmonics, flicker, etc.
  • Decreasing power quality due to renewable energy supplies, etc.
  • Sensitive electronic devices requiring higher quality power supply (Blade servers, etc.).
  • Electromagnetic compliance regulations (EMC)
  • Etc.

Data Centers, Banks, Communication Services, Airports, Manufacturing Processes, Research centers: all Mission Critical Installations demand and expect a filtered, continuous and sustainable power supply system. The uninterruptible power supply is the true heart of any large organization and without a system that protects all eventualities then serious financial consequences could befall the User.

KSTUPS has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machines specific for power UPS systems.

This Power quality is guaranteed by KSTUPS‘s solutions: the diesel Rotary UPS Rotabloc® KPS® and Rotabloc® E-DRUPS®.
Our products have in common a high level of reliability and efficiency ensuring our customers a total protection and satisfaction, for many years.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will be your partners from the identification of your needs to the final Turnkey solution.

Typical applications:

Data Centers
Research Centers

UPS solutions